Ground Instructor and Subject Matter Instructor.

Ground Instructor and Subject Matter Instructor.


An application for authorisation of GI and SMI; will be send to NCAA before the expected date of utilization of the authorisation and shall meet the requirements as specified in Part 2 of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (Nig. CARs), and as may be published by the Authority from time to time.


The Guidelines and Requirements can be issued to prospective applicants in hard copies or printed online at for guidance and compliance.


The applicant attaches all the required documents as specified in the Nig. CARs, Part 2; section 2.3.9, 2.5.2, 2.6.5, 2.8.4, 3.2.4.


The applicant arrives to apply for the Licence with the gathered documents as specified in the Nig. CARs, Part 2, and such submit to the Licensing Directorate via the Tracking office of NCAA.


Upon receipt of the application and the required documents, an applicant for subject matter Instructor authorisation shall demonstrate to an Authority Inspector his/her skill and competency in instructional techniques.


The applicable fee for the authorisation is stipulated in the NCAA Scheme of Charges. When the application meets the requirement for the issuance, re-authorization of GI and SMI as applicable, the applicant will obtain a payment slip for processing fees and payment is made immediately at a designated bank.


The teller is presented to NCAA cash office where an official receipt of payment is obtained and submitted at the Licensing Directorate upon which the application for Issue, Re-authorisation of GI and SMI is processed within 72 working hours.


The applicant is notified of the collection of the signed Licence which will be released upon presentation of an identification or letter of authority from the company.

Where the requirements for Issue, Renewal are not met as required in Nig. CARs Part 2 and other established documents as referred in step 2:

A Letter of Denial written to the applicant within 24hours informing the applicant reasons for such denial and advice the applicant on the outstanding documents to meet his or her request. (Further processing will depend on when the applicant submits the outstanding documents);