I. The presidential steering committee on COVID-19 has revised the travel protocol into Nigeria which becomes effective from Monday,25th October 2021 as follow: a. Travelers arriving in Nigeria must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result conducted not more than 72hours before boarding, b. Unvaccinated and partially vaccinated in-bound passengers will be required to observe a mandatory 7-day self- isolation in addition to a COVID-19 PCR test on days 2 and 7 after arrival; c . Fully vaccinated in-bound passengers will not be required to observe the mandatory 7-days self-isolation but will be required to do a COVID-19 PCR test on day 2 of arrival. d. Persons arriving on “Business” trip or on ‘official’ duty staying less than 7 days in Nigeria must: I. Be fully vaccinated II. Produce negative COVID-19 PCR test result 72hours before boarding; and III. Conduct a PCR test on day of arrival 2. With the removal of Brazil, Turkey, and South Africa from the red listed countries Airlines can now board all intending passengers to Nigeria from these countries. 3. The above supersedes all previous All Operators Letters (AOLs) and Advisory circulars (ACs) in these regards. 4. Airlines are to ensure strict compliance to the above protocol as non-compliance shall attract applicable sanctions. Signed: Captain Musa S. Nuhu Director General

Category: covid19Advisory

Number: NCAA/DG/AIR/11/16/320

Issue Date: 15/10/2021

Effective Date: 22/10/2021

Is Current: Yes

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