• Development, revision and implementation of regulations, standard and guidance materials on flight and ground operations as well as cabin safety.

  • Issuance, renewal or variation of Air Operators Certification, Operations Specifications, Flight Operations Clearance Certificates and other certificates prescribed by the regulations.

  • Continued Surveillance and inspection of all AOC holders, to ascertain each holders’ competence to continue exercising the privileges of the certificate.

  • Issuance of specific authorization and limitations e.g. EDTO, RNP. RVSM, AWOP, MNPS, RNAV, CAT II, Dangerous Goods transportation etc.

  • Establishment and monitoring of all training standards, including ground school, drills and other training programs applicable to Pilots, Flight Engineers, Cabin Crew, Flight Operations Officer to ensure compliance with Nigeria CARs and ICAO SARPs.

  • Approval and surveillance of AOC holder’s training and training facilities.

  • Approval/Designation/Supervision of Inspectors, Check Pilots/Flight Engineers Authorized Examiners for the Flight Crew, Cabin Crew, Dispatchers and Loadmasters of the AOC holders.

  • Investigation of violations, Air Misses and other incidents.

  • Making recommendations concerning enforcement actions.

  • Assess flight test reports, flight manuals and amendments thereto.

  • Investigate Mandatory Occurrence Reports (MORs) including incident/accident follow up and liaison with the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau.

  • Consider training programmes and syllabus for approval.

  • Issue free counselling where required or necessary.

  • Conduct quarterly and periodic surveillance on pertinent operator activities.

  • Periodically organizing seminars and workshops to educate operators on the industry best practices.

  • Development and/or revision of specific operating regulations.

  • Certification of general aviation operations

  • Appointment of designated examiners, flight crew, cabin crew, flight operations and loadmasters.

  • Approval of special operations e.g. EDTO, RVSM. PBN, CAT II and CAT III

  • Approval of MEL(s), flight manual, operations and training manuals and training programmes.

  • Examine applications for issue, extension and/or validation of Flight Crew, Dispatch and Cabin Crew Licenses.

  • Conduct Practical Test and Oral Examination of candidates for license issue.

  • Consult, cooperate and work closely with Directorate of Airworthiness Standards and Directorate of Licensing on relevant matter.

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Procedure for Issue, Renewal or Re-Issue of An ATPL

Procedure for Issue, Renewal or Re-Issue of An Air Transport Pilot License