Human Resources and Administration




  • Recruitment &Selection of Staff.
  • Staff Movement and Transfer.
  • Annual Performance Management (Appraisals) and Staff Audit.
  • Staff Promotions, Upgrading and Conversion.
  • Transfer of service and condition of service.
  • Administration of Central Registry and Record Management.
  • Appointments and Confirmation of all forms of Appointment).
  • Retirement Administration.
  • Pension Matters.
  • Staff discipline & medicals.
  • Staff Loans, Salary Advance and letter of introduction to Banks for personal Loans.
  • Processing of Allowances to Management for Approval.
  • Processing of Bereavement/Burial Assistance to bereaved officers/families.
  • Preparation of all categories of staff Annual bulk basic allowances for Management approval.
  • Coordinating the Authority’s social Activities.
  • Labour relations with various Industry Unions/Associations.

(i)       Manpower Development and Training (MPD&T) Unit

  • Assist Management in the formulation /interpretation of training policies, standards and procedures of the Authority.
  • Monitor and implement training needs to ensure compliance with career progression and Inspectors Training System (ITS).
  • Develop training modules/ programmes and training records and reports or other requirements for the Authority.
  • Liaising with training agencies and related private and public sector bodies on training matters.
  • Compilation, planning and execution of training, workshop and seminar proposals in line with budgetary allocations and advise Management on cost saving measures.
  • Evaluate general training and Manpower development programmes to provide for management policy decisions.



(i)   Corporate Planning Unit

  • Collection of data for monthly reports.
  • Action Plan monitoring and evaluation.
  • Liaising with National Planning Commission and Federal Ministry of Aviation on planning matters.
  • Liaising with relevant outside agencies and bodies on budget matters.
  • Liaise with other Directorates for their input periodic activities report.
  • Monitoring of projects and plans in accordance with the pre-determined goals and plans and objectives.
  • Setting targets and measuring performance for each Directorate/ Department.
  • Measuring performance to ascertain conformity with plan programmes.
  • Suggesting corrective actions to management on project and plan programme deviations.
  • Preparation of reports: monthly, quarterly, End of year etc.
  • Assist in budget preparation and monitoring of budget implementation.
  • Performance appraisals; quarterly, half yearly and yearly.
  • Coordination of the activities of Budget committee.
  • Monitoring of efficiency targets for each Directorate/Department and the Authority as a whole for optimum performance.


(ii)        Organization and Methods Unit

  • Act as databank for the Authority.
  • Collection and processing of statistics relating to areas of the industry, which the Authority has jurisdiction over.
  • Liaise with other research and statistics bodies within and outside the industry.
  • Routine collection and processing of statistics on the internal operations of the Authority
  • Conceiving adequate plans towards effective management of Pension Scheme.
  • Investment promotions



(i)        Security Unit

  • Protection of NCAA asset and property against theft, burglary, wilful or malicious damage and destruction.
  • Protection of the lives of the employees against harm and kidnap.
  • Prevention of acts of sabotage, Subversion or espionage to vital information, materials, documents or plans and blueprints belonging to the organisation
  • Enforcement to Rules and Regulations pertaining to safety and Security of lives and property of the organisation.
  • Promotion of order, discipline, goodwill and respect to Management and Constituted Authority.
  • Liaison with Law enforcement agencies and supervision of all Contracted Security Agencies.

(ii)      Transport Unit

  • Custodian of all NCAA vehicles.
  • Handling and rotational use of all pool vehicles.
  • Procurement and distribution of petroleum products.
  • Ensure timely maintenance/service and repairs of our vehicles.
  • Liaising with the account department for the insurance of all vehicles.

(iii)    Protocol Unit

  • Reservation and issuance of tickets for staff scheduled for official trips such as Trainings, Conferences, bilateral meetings and Aircraft inspections.
  • The booking of hotel accommodations for official guests of the Authority and also receives and check-in guests at appropriate hotels.
  • Processing of visa for staff scheduled for official trips Trainings, Conferences, workshop, BASA meetings, inspections, e.t.c.
  • Participation actively in organizing international conferences and seminars hosted by the Authority.

(iv)  Estate Unit

  • Responsible for the facilitation of the provisions, recording and maintenance of the Authority’s major physical assets ( building, generators, photocopiers, power sub-station, water plant, furniture and equipment), supervisions of projects, preparation of bill of quantities, interim certificates and final account.