The Directorate of Airworthiness Standards (DAWS) was established by Civil Aviation Act 2006 as one of the NCAA Directorates to perform the NCAA statutory functions of maintaining regular safety oversight of all of the airworthiness aspects of Civil Aviation in Nigeria. This includes Air Transport Operators, Approved Maintenance Organizations and oversight of any other person or organization involved in the design/production /modification /repair / maintenance of aircraft and training aspects of personnel engaged in civil aviation. Effective safety oversight will help to ensure high safety standards are maintained and in the fulfillment of Nigeria’s obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation.


  • Registration of aircraft;

  • Aircraft type certificate acceptance;

  • Approval of aircraft modifications & repairs;

  • Issue/renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness;

  • Approval of aircraft maintenance organizations;

  • Certification of air operators (airworthiness aspects);

  • Incident/ Accident prevention programme ;

  • Monitoring and continued surveillance of certificate holders; and

  • Continuing airworthiness.


  • To ensure certification of aircraft, air operators, and maintenance organisation in accordance with Nig. CARs and international best practices.

  • To ensure increased surveillance of aircraft, certificated air operators and approved maintenance organisations based on risk assessment and management system.

  • To ensure DAWS internal processes and procedures meet world-class standards, develop new capabilities, and instill a culture of excellence in line with the best practices and the growth of the aviation industry.

  • To ensure high level safety standards are maintained in civil aircraft maintenance and operations through domestication of ICAO SARPS.

  • To ensure establishment and implementation of integrated quality and safety management systems in aircraft maintenance and operations.

  • To ensure human capacity development in the directorate in particular and the Nigeria civil aviation industry in general.

  • To ensure all aircraft operating into, within and out of the Nigeria airspace is airworthy.

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